I'm Fulvio Obregon, the person behind FULALEO. I'm a Colombian Illustrator, artist, and a total retro lover living it up in Melbourne, Australia.

It was 2014 when I started this journey. My artistic proposal is all about blending the past with the present, and I'm all about diving into the deep concepts behind each piece I create. I draw a ton of inspiration from everything I love, like Pop culture, that sweet retro-nostalgia, music, films, fashion, Japanese culture and so much more.

I work entirely digital most of the time, but I occasionally do traditional drawing for guidance and sketching. Usually for drawing and sketches I use Adobe Illustrator, although depending on what I need sometimes I turn to Adobe Photoshop. For coloring, textures, backgrounds and more complex layered projects, I use Adobe Photoshop. In all this process I’m using a 24" ASUS ProArt Monitor with a Wacom Intuos Medium sized tablet.

Thanks to my distinctive art style, my artwork has gained significant international recognition, leading to prestigious opportunities to collaborate with renowned companies and artists like Jonas Brothers, Black Eyed Peas, Shania Twain, Madison Square Garden, 2Chainz, Piso 21, Bob’s Burgers, among others.